The marketing intranet page was the bridge between the Sales Team and the Marketing Department. The main problem was due to multiple company acquisitions and internal restructurings, this marketing page became a “dumping ground” for hyper-links. This resulted in the page becoming difficult to maintain, left Marketing struggling to communicate useful tools, and lacked organization for users to find resources quickly. 

To combat these pain-points, I developed the Merge Brand Center and design. The overall goal of the brand center was to give the user a more organized space to locate resources by telling a “story” of the Merge brand. The story went as follows: (1) introduce users to the brand center, (2) who is Merge, (3) what is the Merge brand, (4) the design principles, (5) tools to use, (6) information about partners and affiliations, and (7) how to join in on social media discussions.
Mid to High Fidelity Frames
Final version of the intranet's design
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