Heather O. Studio
Designer. Artist. Creative Problem Solver. Curator of Gundam Models.
Greetings! I'm Heather a UX Designer and Artist passionate about technology, video games, and creative solutions. I've been designing for over 10 years and illustrating for much longer. You'll find that my inspiration comes from my love of technology, nature, and video game artistry. My passions have lead me to own my own company Heather O. Studio and become a pin / merch designer for my second brand StormWhisper Shop​​​​​​​
Looking for help with your user experience? Lucky for you I'm a UX Designer with expertise with Fortune 500 SMBs ranging from retail to the healthcare industry. Head over to my Studio at heatheroneal.com learn more!
 Check out my merch over at StormWhisper.shop (a brand under Heather O. Studio). You will find unique artwork, enamel pins, keychains, stickers, and more that were inspired by my love of video games lore, animals, and nature. I even have an Etsy shop for international residents!
Join my to my shop's mailing list to keep up-to-date with the latest products, exclusive deals, incoming projects, and more! I will only send out a mailing list when there's something to talk about so don't worry about lots of emails coming from me. ​​​​​​​
EU/UK & International Customers
EU and UK customers will only be able to order from my Etsy shop due to the recent VAT/Brexit laws. Select countries outside of the EU/UK will be able to use my official shop. Please note that international packages have experienced the heaviest transit times in shipping and 
delivery due to multiple factors. Click here for more shipping information.