"A Busy Bee, That's Me!"

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I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, passionate about technology, video games, and creative solutions.
I have been designing professionally for over 10 years and illustrating for much longer. My inspirations and passions for my artwork style come from my love of technology, computer animations, and video game artistry. My passions have lead me to be the owner of Heather O. Studio, earn my Masters in Business Administration, and discover a strong interest in User Experience Design.
My favorite medias to use for my illustrations are old fashion graphite pencil and color pencil, but I’m learning to go digital with the help from my iPad & Apple pencil. Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud are my softwares of choice for my design works. While I focus on my UX career, I practice with Sketch, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and InVision to build out prototypes and wireframes. Together I really enjoy combining my pencil skills and design software to reach a final product.
My illustration work has been mentioned & published in Game Informer Magazine and on IGN.com, two prestigious video game journalism sources. My designs have been seen in advertisements for General Motors, Buick, and Delphi Automotive; tradeshows and social media for Merge Healthcare, an IBM Company.
My strength relies on working in a team, staying on top of technological advancements, combining tools to help achieve the finish product, and thinking beyond the conventional standards in design. In short, I am a design enthusiast continuously learning and improving skills to bring fresh concepts to light.
IBM Design Thinking Practitioner

Earned March 28, 2017

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