"At Midnight" published on IGN.com for the 'Hyrule's Most Wanted' Campaign
Commissioned by IGN. This piece was a part of a larger collaboration of over 50 artists forming a large tribute to the villains of The Legend of Zelda, for the upcoming release of Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS.
My villains of choice were the Wolfos in the dank and dangerous Lost Woods. A mysterious light reveals the prowling pair of the classic white Wolfo having its back protected by the brown Wolfo (an easter egg for those who play the game).
This piece was done originally in color pencil and brought into Photoshop to add the lighting and forest effects.
At Midnight's title is a play-off from my previous work called "At Twilight" done for Game Informer.  

Artwork © Heather O. Studio
Character Link/Zelda © Nintendo
Website & Most Wanted © IGN.com
Wolfos seen on IGN

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