The Destiny Armory

Concept Illustrations

The Destiny Armory

Concept Illustrations

Using Twitch, fans arrive at my channel to watch me, live, as I draw using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with the Procreate app. Much of my audience members are fans of the Destiny franchise (including myself) and so they inspire me to try new techniques. "The Destiny Armory", is the collection of various weapons, gear, and characters, inspired by the Destiny franchise, in my own signature style. 

Art © Heather O'Neal/Heather O. Studio
Destiny © Bungie
Gundam © Sunrise, Yoshiyuki Tomino
Final Fantasy VII © Square Enix Inc.

Saint Gundam Mk-14 

The Vex Panther, Mythocat 


The Fighting Lion Ornament | 

The Sword of Sol Concept (combination of Crown Splitter & The Hammer of Sol)

A Touch of Malice

The Leviathan from the deep



Dark Drinker

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